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Online Private Art Lessons $45/Hr

Private art classes on zoom.

Fee $45 per hr

4 classes in a month.

Terms and Conditions:

      1. Non refundable fee will be charged in advance every month for weekly classes.
      2. No commitment; you have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. Kindly inform us prior to your card being charged at least two days before. Please note that once your card is charged, refunds will not be issued.
  1. Zoom link will be shared after payment is made. It may take some time though but we'll ensure that you have the link before the class. You may be asked to join a whatsapp group.
  2. These are live private classes 
  3. Please expect to show progress gradually, I may take some time to assess  the current skill gap and will work on them accordingly.
  4. Each class duration is 60 minutes and total of four classes are done in a month
    a)Total of 4 sessions are done in a month.     b)Minimum 4 sessions are required.     c)Make up sessions can be done based on availability
  5. Ratio of class is 1:1



  1. We'll follow west chester school district school's holiday list(Memorial Day,Labor day,Thanksgiving , Christmas and New year)
  2. All important Indian festivals will be declared as holidays in advance.(Diwali)
  3. There will be no makeup class 

Online Private art lessons $45/hr

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