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Winter Night Scene - Acrylic Painting

Winter Night Scene - Acrylic Painting

Hello Friends, today I will share my journey of painting a winter night scene. I have wanted to paint a winter night scene with a full moon since a long time, but due to some reason couldn’t bring them on canvas. This desire to paint became so strong in my mind that I️ couldn’t sleep for two days. So the very next day I️ decided to paint no matter what. I did this painting in a day which I️ usually complete in a week. Yes, finally last night I️ actually had a sound sleep.

This is a very simple beginners painting .
I️ used three blues (Perssian blue, Phthalo blue and Ultramarine blue), mixing white, titanium white, and mars black to paint this scene.

First I did an under painting. I made my horizon line a little lower  from the middle of the canvas.Here is a tip for beginners avoid drawing your horizon line from the center of the canvas keep it a little higher or lower a horizon line. I painted the sky with a mix of Persian blue and Ultramarine blue and a little Mars black. In the part where I have to paint my full moon I made that area light by adding titanium white to the blues and kept adding a little mars black to that mixture while painting away from the lighter side. You can see my outer edges are in dark tones almost black as I added more black toward that side. For the ground I used Phthalo blue.



Under Painting


Then I added the full moon in the sky using Mixing White and Glazing medium.

[caption id="attachment_16" align="alignnone" width="3178"]IMG_9577 Bright Moon[/caption]

Next step was to add distant trees. I tried that all my trees should not look similar, as nature doesn't have similar trees. I made the front tall and dense, and added some snowflakes with a toothbrush.

[caption id="attachment_18" align="alignnone" width="2867"]IMG_9580 Added Trees[/caption]

Then the last step was to add more snow and make some hills. For me a winter scene without a snowman is uninteresting. So I decided to add a cute snowman in my painting. I love making snowman here in Illinois during snow. So this couldn't be missed out in my painting.

[caption id="attachment_14" align="alignnone" width="3320"]IMG_9610 (2) With Snowman and Hills[/caption]

I finally signed my painting, but  I had something to add before calling it final. I added some stars and some more whites of snow.


Finally I'll call it done!


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