Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago
Ganesha Painting - Journey

Ganesha Painting - Journey


I was just scrolling through my pics to find some photos and I came across a pic of my Ganesha painting. It made me so happy to see the change, so thought of sharing here. During the process, it went through so many changes especially the background which took me the longest to get the desired look. I wish I had more pics of the whole process so I could have shown you all . When I started this painting I had some blurred image in mind and was little confused where it should go. The only picture which was clear in my mind was I have to make Ganesha with the flute. Rest, what colors I should go for with what background, all went with the flow. Many times I thought of changing the subject as I was not satisfied with the result at that time but thanks to Ganesha I didn't give up. This painting is now my inspiration to never give up. You never know, the results can always surprise you with beautiful outcomes. So be positive and never give up.😊

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